Sunday, October 21, 2007


See Post-Script below to "The Little Men of the Bronx"


Richard said...

Amen especially the closing paragraph!

hwayne99 said...

"...and the great team he was handed."

The great irony in this statment is one that Hank, in all of his Steinbrennian ego, would never understand. The fact of the matter is that if Joe Torre was handed a "great team" it was only because his father was not allowed to have contact with the team while the rebuilding of the eventual mid to late 90's team was taking place.

Maybe while stepping out of the office for his next cigarette Hank ought to reflect on the fact that the only decade since the 1910's when the Yakees did not win a World Series is when "Daddy" tried to be general manager in the 80's by substituting high priced "free agents" for team players and that the team of the early 2000's, built once again with Daddy's attempt to lure high priced free agents instead of team players, have not won it all.

Lets now see what you can do Hank with a team being "handed to you." As a Yankee fan for 50+ years one can only hope that you can do as much and with as much class as Joe Torre did, however you are already way behind when it comes to the class part!